Advent: Part I (Free Simplified Guide)

Advent: Part I (Free Simplified Guide)


Join us in celebrating Advent this year! 


This time of year is especially cluttered with busyness and social commitments. Office parties, school concerts, Christmas shopping, planning family times together can make December one long to-do list. These are wonderful and fine things. But, if we don’t intentionally pause and create space for study and worship, we miss a unique opportunity to celebrate the awesome and miraculous. We miss the rewarding adventure of seeing Christ’s birth with Old Testament eyes. We celebrate Christmas and give gifts, maybe even read the Christmas narrative from Luke or Mark, but it’s as if we have started a movie at one of the most climactic moments and missed most of the story. Celebrating Advent allows us to recognize and ponder the great problem of sin, and the greater solution of Jesus, eternal God, born as a baby in a manger, later to die for our sins.


This free download option includes:

  • Devotional study guide with scripture from the Old and New Testament through four themes of advent: Problem & Promise, The Wait, King & Kingdom, and Priest & Offering
  • Introduction to the study and inductive bible study tips


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