Lent - Attributes of God -Study

Lent - Attributes of God -Study

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Lent is a 6.5-week period (40 days excluding Sundays) in the Church calendar of intentional and solemn preparation for Easter, modeled after Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness before His earthly ministry. Many people "fast" or "give up" things for Lent: sweets, coffee, TV, etc to avoid distractions and as a reminder of Jesus' sacrifice. If this is helpful to you, you are welcome to do so in this study. But the "fasting" or "giving up" tradition of Lent is not the focus of this study.


In my experience, the greatest motivator of contrition and repentance is a better understanding of God, then a better understanding of me, then a better understanding of what God has done for me. The purpose of this Lent study is to know God better through nine attributes. 


In this study, you will receive a PDF digital download including: 

Scripture, Artwork, and Poetry on these nine attributes of God: He is Sovereign, Wise, Good, Truth, Just, Holy, Power, Love, and Eternal. 


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