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even when your stories aren't the same.

From Kate: Most of my lament poems are written for other people. I’ve been incredibly blessed by family, friends, and a church body who have taught me how to grieve with them through infant death, infertility, divorce, the death of a spouse, mental Illness, the pains of foster care, ministry pain, and chronic illness.

This world says we’re not allowed to speak into each other’s lives unless we have had identical experiences. I’m glad the Bible gives us different direction. The Bible tells and shows us that grieving corporately is the church’s job. I think, as a whole, we’re getting better at this. And I’m really grateful personally for the sisters and brothers in my life who have done the difficult work of teaching me how to grieve with them. I'm grateful for Elly to take my hand in her grief, even when I have the gifts she grieves over.

Grieve together. 

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"For Sam" is a free resource for grief after infant loss. If you are able and would like to donate to Elly and her family as a thank you for her beautiful work, you may do so below. All gifts for this poetic journal will go to Elly & her family. 

Please share the journal, the poetry, and the artwork, with your friends and family. Make sure to tag @ellywritespoetry and @kategoescreating on Facebook and Instagram.

A final note from Elly

Thank you so much to Kristen McMoil, Hannah Gentry, Jenna Bolin, Lisa Thompson, Gracelyn Marrs, Julia Rogers, Leslie Goddard, Stephanie Lane, and Kate Lab for trudging through the valley with me. Thanks to my Chicago Sisters (you know who you are.)

Thank you for your friendship, thank you for listening, grieving, sitting with, and holding on to the hope of Christ with me so well.

Thank you to my church family at Three Creeks Church, and to our larger church family who prayed, sent a meal, shared a word of comfort, came to spend time with our family, sent a gift to Jordy, texted or called to check in the aftermath of infant loss.


"Good Grief" Cards
5"x7" cards with Artwork on the front & poetry on the back.

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