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A brand exists as a promise a business makes to its consumers. The purpose of a brand position in marketing is to establish trust with your consumers and create loyalty. A good brand purpose gives your buyers a way to remember you, creates an identity for your business, and sets you apart from competitors.


(, The Purpose of Branding)

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The Process

1. You fill out the “Brand and Logo Brainstorm” shared Google Doc. It includes questions about your company, your goals, your brand voice, and your target audience. The more thorough your answers are, the more money you’ll save on whatever package you choose and the more likely you are to love your logo! If you need help answering or thinking through these questions, I’m available to consult and brainstorm with you!
2. I email you logo drafts to engage with. You respond with your likes and dislikes and pick one of the designs to move forward with in the next design phase.  
3. I email you with the second phase of logo/brand drafts based on your input. At this time, you give more thoughts on your design.  
4. You receive your final logo design and brand guide in print and web-ready formats.  

At each level up, you receive more of my time and more opportunities for feedback and customization. Each package has a starting cost, if we need to redo or restart any step in the process, I will let you know the anticipated price change of your package. 

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