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Holy Week Study, Music, Art, & Poetry

Don't let familiarity with the story keep you from experiencing the most incredible events in history. Find tangible ways to put yourself in the historical context of Jesus's life, death, and resurrection.

This study includes artwork, poetry, and music intended to move you through creative works inspired by the truth of Scripture.

"Risen" Physical Prints

$25 - 5"x 7"

$35 - 8"x10"

(shipping included)

Order before Sunday, 4/1, for arrival before Easter. 

"Risen" - Why Easter/Holy Week Study?

Any tradition (yearly or otherwise) has the potential to become stale and tired. Traditions in themselves are not enough to transform our lives. But Scripture does transform us. It is never stale or tired. Like the season of Advent, if we don’t intentionally pause and create space for study and worship, we miss a unique opportunity to celebrate the awesome and miraculous. We miss the rewarding experience of walking with Jesus in the last days of His ministry on earth. We say "He is risen" and dye Easter eggs, but we pass over the most incredible and important event in history with tired eyes. If we don't invest time and space to sit in the great problem of our sin, and to truly celebrate the great solution of Jesus' death and resurrection, we lose an opportunity to be transformed by the Holy Spirit in new ways through ancient words.

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Studying Together

For Moms & Dads, you set the tone this week. As you anticipate Easter, your kids will watch you. Both your joy and your boredom will be seen and imitated. All this to say, far more important than the way you dye your eggs or how well your Easter outfits match is your wonder and joy at the most spectacular event in history. The study includes some activities that are just ideas on how to learn with your kids, starting points for yearly traditions that remind us that Easter is more than pastel dresses and bunnies. 

Download the FREE coloring pages corresponding to each day - listed above!

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