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Holy Week Devotional

And in a new way, I am full.

Your broken body makes mine whole.

In the valley of the shadow of death,

My cup overflows.

“The Meal I Eat”

Any tradition (yearly or otherwise) has the potential to become stale and tired. Traditions in themselves are not enough to transform our lives. But Scripture does transform us. It is never stale or tired. Like the season of Advent, if we don’t intentionally pause and create space for study and worship, we miss a unique opportunity to celebrate the awesome and miraculous. We miss the rewarding experience of walking with Jesus in the last days of His ministry on earth. We say "He is risen" and dye Easter eggs, but we pass over the most incredible and important event in history with tired eyes. If we don't invest time and space to sit in the great problem of our sin, and to truly celebrate the great solution of Jesus' death and resurrection, we lose an opportunity to be transformed by the Holy Spirit in new ways through ancient words.


This is zipped file including 3 versions of the study: Full Color - iPad or High-Quality Print , Phone Viewing,  Black & White- Easy Print. The devotional is 57 pages of Scripture, Art, Poetry, and Lyrics in the order of the outline. If you are a part of my church family, email for a promo code for a free download!  

Risen 3rd Edition


Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 3.00.21 PM.png

I started writing poetry consistently about 6 years ago. I found myself encouraged by the poetry of others, even more so, lifted up by the poetry of Scripture in the laments and praises of David, Solomon, and Jeremiah. And I found that posting poetry helped me finish the process of writing and then hand the experience or emotion to God, all of which are life-giving to me.

I try through poetic prayer to capture the truth of our experiences in a sin-sick world and root them in the perspective of God's character and the hope of Jesus. It's a conversation with God over the things I'm learning in bible study or sermons, experiencing in a broken world and feeling in a broken body. It's often an application of Scripture or a recorded conversation with God. Sometimes it’s prayers and laments written for my friends and family.

I'm grateful for the many of you who have been refreshed and challenged by words I have written. Thank you for your feedback. It's such an encouragement. I love to tell people what I'm learning about. I'm humbled and honored you're here for it.


"Our Story" & Family Crests

- Family Crest -
$125 - Mailed 8.5" x 11" print
$75 - Digital PDF

- Our Story -
$125 - Mailed 8.5" x 11" print
$85 - Digital PDF
*up to 10 life events, custom life event icons not already created may have an additional cost.


"Good Grief" Cards COMING SOON
5"x7" cards with Artwork on the front & poetry on the back.

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Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 3.05.11 PM.png


Wedding - Family - Building - Couple


Watercolor - Sketch - Digital Download


Logo Design and Branding Packages


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