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to lament, grieve, & encourage

Send a 5"x 7" piece of original artwork and poetry as your Mother's Day Card. Designed for many stages of motherhood - encouragement, lament, grief, gratitude. 

"Waiting" - Infertility 

"Your Beauty" - Love, from the husband

"Gardener" - Remembering the beauty

"For My Mom" - Gratitude 

"Enough" - Strength for Motherhood

"Hands of God" - Foster Care, Trusting God with children

"I will remember" - Infant Loss 

"Keep On" - Encouragement

You can send it directly to the recipient with a custom message!

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Waiting - Infertility

For the Mama who is waiting

For their little boy or girl

I know that you’re a Mama

Before your little knows the world.

I know your sorrow and your pain

The betrayal of your empty womb

The encroaching space and quiet

In that decorated extra room.

There is purpose in the waiting

There is peace when should be none

May you be filled with joy & hope -

Comforted by the risen Son.

I pray God will answer you

Will hear your grief in wordless prayers

But while you wait without your child

I will wait with you there.

- waiting -

2 Corinthians 1:3-5

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